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While Ann Pianetta, as an individual, can't guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of an individual using her services for any particular purpose or issue, her clients report having positive experiences.

My name is Colette. When I was 10 years old, I became ill with bronchitis. After I recovered from it, I still had issues breathing. I was then diagnosed with Asthma. I began using an inhaler, but not often. I didn’t think much of it because I was so young. As I became older, I played sports all the time and needed the inhaler more often. It still wasn’t a big issue for me. Then, after having my 4th child and being home to take care of my family, breathing became an issue. I think it was because of the Asthma I had, but also because of the amount of stress I now was dealing with on a daily basis. I was struggling to have clear thoughts, my memory wasn’t as sharp and my inhaler was being used much more often. I struggled for about 2 years.”
“Then I discovered Ann. I started meeting with her in 2010 twice a week. She was kind, gentle, patient and understanding. After the first session with her, I immediately started to get relief with my Asthma and breathing. My thoughts were clearer, I didn’t need my inhaler nearly as much! As I continued our sessions together, I felt better and better. I lost weight and my moods elevated! This method was so easy for me to learn. I practiced as much as I could because I felt so much better. I am so very grateful for finding Ann and the Buteyko Breathing Technique. Learning from Ann has made a tremendous wonderful impact on my life and health. I no longer need my inhaler. I have been able to teach my children about how important the way they breathe really is important to their health too. Ann still helps me if I have questions and is wonderful when returning my emails or phone calls. I encourage you to take your health and breath into your hands and learn Butyeko Breathing Technique from Ann Pianetta. I am so grateful for Ann Pianetta and the Buteyko Breathing Technique. I would be willing to talk to anyone who was considering learning Buteyko from Ann because she is such an amazing teacher.
Colette C., San Jose, CA

I have been suffering with Tinnitus for almost 4 years. In the first year my body reacted very strongly to this symptom. I got depressed, I lost a lot of weight, and was not able to sleep. Once I realized that I had to live with Tinnitus for the rest of my life because until now no cure had been discovered, I finally understood that the only solution was to know how to manage my Tinnitus. And, this is when I met Ann Pianetta. I wanted to learn about Hypnotherapy and had a consultation with her. Ann understood my needs and introduced me to breathing techniques using the Buteyko Breathing Technique. Beside this technique she introduced me to other methods which helped me to relax. Meeting her was very rewarding, because following her advice, I learned how to relax; my TMJ improved, my postnasal drip stopped, and I learned how to go to sleep even with tinnitus. Ann Pianetta knows how to listen, she demonstrates passion for her occupation, and she gives the feeling that she just wants to help her clients regardless of monetary terms and time.
Stella F., Palo Alto, CA

I found Ann Pianetta’s website on after watching a few YouTube videos popularizing Buteyko’s breathing techniques. Although I am a self-learner, had already bought a couple of books on Buteyko breathing and could have possibly grasped some of the Buteyko essentials on my own, I decided to call and meet Ann to set up a few individual Buteyko training sessions. The sessions were excellent: efficient, practical, easy-going. Perhaps the most important something I learned during the course is that Buteyko method and the exercises have certain logical structure to them and that it surely helps to learn the techniques under a watchful eye of an experienced instructor.”
 “Now to my results: I continued to diligently practice Buteyko breathing for about 6 months after my sessions with Ann. Then I stopped. Why? Because I am a lazy slob (as many men are) and I felt I could. My asthma was pretty much gone by then, with no inhalers or any other medications.  That was about 4 years ago now. Once in a while I do get the familiar sensation in my chest but no fear because I know how to handle it using whatever little I still remember of the Buteyko breathing method. This surely beats progressing on the inhalers to a breathing machine. Thank you Ann for your great help.
Vasily B., San Ramon, CA

"I found Ann Pianetta when looking for someone to help me learn more about the Buteyko Breathing exercises, in an effort to hopefully help my three year-old daughter who had been struggling with the symptoms of asthma for the past year.  Ann turned out to be an excellent teacher, and just what we needed!  She was very clear in her descriptions of how to do the exercises and delightful to work with.  Best of all, my three year-old has improved dramatically with just the small shifts we've been able to make thus far on our breathing journey, and my older daughter has also seen an improvement with her allergies!  We will always be grateful to Ann for helping us learn about breathing and the many ways it can either help or hinder us.  Thank you!"
Shannon H., Pacifica, CA

Our 3 year-old suffered from a severe case of obstructive sleep apnea. Changing his diet was helpful, but he had also developed a habit of breathing through the mouth. Since mouth breathing is a habit with severe long-term implications for the immune system and physiological development, I got in touch with a string of amazing healers - doctors, nutritionists, orthodontists and myofunctional therapists - until we finally found Ann. 

Ann's straightforward approach to teaching the Buteyko breathing method has been a godsend not only for our child, but for our whole family. Learning how to breathe correctly, we have all been able to reduce stress and restore calm in our every day lives. In addition to teaching us the Buteyko method, Ann has taught our children games that increase their awareness and attention to their breathing. While our son's journey is in progress, the changes we are experiencing thanks to Ann have transformed our outlook on what appeared to be an intractable problem. With a calmer mind and body, I now know that we are on the right path and that our son will flourish. I never expect the benefits to extend to the rest of us and will be forever grateful for the contribution Ann has made to our lives. 
Nicola G., Woodside, CA

Thank you Ann for teaching us about the Buteyko Breathing Method. My 5-year-old son was breathing loudly and frequently through his mouth and was sleeping restlessly as a result. The restless sleep made him more tired and irritable in the day.  The techniques and games she taught us have really helped me to help him keep his mouth closed and breathing through his nose. He sleeps better and more soundly when we can do this.  I myself have often had periods in my life where I felt like I was constantly hyperventilating, taking huge breaths of air and couldn’t get enough oxygen. Conventionally minded advice had me taking deep breaths when this happened, but it never really helped. I learned from Ann, that big breathing is actually what we are supposed to NOT do, and in the short time I’ve implemented these concepts into my life, I’ve noticed big improvements already. Thank you so much Ann!!!
Diana P., Santa Cruz,

This testimonial came to me during the Coronavirus pandemic:

I came across the Buteyko method while searching for solutions to my daughter's enlarged tonsils.  I was sure she was a mouth breather, both while sleeping and during her waking hours.  I was lucky to find Ann and that she lived not too far from me.  Ann was amazing.  She first trained me, the mom, and explained to me the theory behind this method so that I could experience it myself before teaching my 5 year-old.  We started with the breathing exercises and I immersed myself into learning as much as I could.  Ann is a wealth of information, giving me many articles and a book, and she shared with me several anecdotes from her experience. I did the exercises and became conscious of the times I kept my mouth open.  After a while I could see the benefits in unexpected ways, notably some of my symptoms, apparently unrelated to the respiratory system, became milder.  After training me for a few weeks, she met with my daughter and she played a few games with her.  She also gave her a book that tells the story of a wizard teaching a child how to breath through the nose only, and we started doing the exercises like in the book.  After a while I became confident enough to tape my child's mouth at night and this made a huge difference in her sleep. She woke up fewer times at night and was more rested during the day.  After a few months I noticed a difference when we would go hiking.  She was able to get to the end of our hike without any problem - while before she used to get tired very quickly.  Ann also put me in touch with a dental practitioner that could measure how breathing through the mouth already altered my child's face features and we also started nutritional interventions.  It was the beginning of a healing journey.  One of the things that I appreciated of Ann is that she never claimed that Buteyko on its own could sort out all health problems but she strongly believed in the importance of breathing through the nose for our overall health.  About 10 months later, my child's tonsils are smaller, she rarely snores, although I still tape her mouth to prevent her from sleeping with the mouth open. She rarely wakes up and during the day she does not breath through the mouth anymore.  And she has a great endurance when running.  The journey is not over, but I believe learning the Buteyko Breathing Method with Ann was a pivotal moment to take charge of her health - and mine!
Paula R., Mountain View, CA

Over the past few years, I tried teaching myself the Buteyko method from a book. The book was great, but no substitute for being taught by a teacher. I always wondered if I was doing the exercises correctly and never stayed with it. I have moderate asthma which gets severe with illness. Once Covid started, I was motivated to seek out a Buteyko practitioner who could teach me. I found Ann Pianetta through the official Buteyko website and contacted her via her website. She responded right away and I liked her immediately. She was kind, direct and clearly passionate about the Buteyko method. We met several times over Zoom and talked a few times over the phone. Ann was always generous with her time, wanting to make make sure that I understood the breathing exercises. She also checked-in with me between sessions to see how I was progressing, making herself available for any questions that I had. Buteyko works! I definitely feel a difference in my asthma, as well as just having an overall feeling of calm that I did not have before working with Ann. I highly recommend Ann to anyone wanting to improve their health with the Buteyko method.
Julie L., Danville, CA

I first heard of the Buteyko method from a continuing education course on myofunctional therapy.  As a dentist, it is very important to understand the airway and its effects on the whole body, whether it is increased risk of decay and periodontal disease, bruxism, or sleep apnea.  I was lucky enough to find Ann and with her extensive knowledge and experience, I learned so much. She has a very complete program of education, with a mix of research and videos, to clearly explain the importance of nasal breathing and the Buteyko method.  With a very calm and encouraging manner, she coached me through various breathing exercises and the significance of each one. In each session, when trying out the different techniques, I saw improvement in my control pause.  As an added benefit, my nighttime sleep is better and I wake up more refreshed.  Ann is very knowledgeable, yet is constantly learning more, and has a genuine care for her clients.  With her training, you can learn to take better care of your health through better breathing.
Melinda L., Palo Alto CA

I never thought being told to shut my mouth would be the best breathing advice I'd ever receive.  Ann has transformed the way I think about breathing.  I have struggled with asthma on and off over the years but in my 40’s asthma became the  dominant stressor in my life. My dependency on inhalers and their deteriorating efficacy just made the anxiety around day to day breathing even worse.  Something had to change, and it did - the pandemic hit, motivating me to get a handle on the situation.  In a round about way, I heard about Buteyko and its immense benefits for people with asthma. I devoured as much information as I could find on the internet which lead me to Ann. I consider her my greatest gift of 2020. She has provided me with enormous amounts of information, advice, generosity of her time and, most importantly, structured daily exercises.  In a period of just about 6 weeks, I have reduced my inhaler usage by half - something I never thought possible.  Ann is organized, focused, and a truly remarkable person and educator.  I can’t thank her enough for empowering me to take control of my health and easing my anxiety around asthma.  
Robin H., Montara, CA

I came across Ann after spending a lot of time researching alternative therapies for young children with sleep apnea.  I have a 5 year-old that has had breathing issues since birth.  I was told along the way that it's just the way some kids are- they snore, wake throughout the night, begin to suffer from night terrors.  At age 3, he was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea and age 5 he was downgraded to moderate sleep apnea.  But, at this point he was a mouth breather with exercise induced asthma.  I would listen to him struggle, and I knew there had to be something I could do.  I spent a lot of time researching the Buteyko Method and that is how I found Ann.  

This was during the pandemic, so she offered to help me learn remotely so that I could teach my child. Wow!- I very quickly learned to recognize just how bad my sons breathing had gotten.  He spends most of his time with his mouth open and at least half of that with his hand in his mouth (a recent development and not what I want during a pandemic).  Surprisingly, I also learned just how badly my breathing had become.  Well, not surprisingly I guess.  I have another child with severe medical disabilities that have pretty much taken everything out of me these last 7 years.  Through Ann, I learned to recognize that I was shallow, fast breathing almost all the time in reaction to constant stressors.  I've had a constant come and go headache for at least 5 years that I now realize was caused by my breathing.  

We just finished up our last session with Ann, and I'm implementing all that I've learned.  I definitely believe this is going to help my son.  I've been working with him constantly to keep his mouth closed and breathe through his nose.  I've been teaching him the play techniques Ann uses and the nose clearing technique which is really effective.  For myself, it has been easy to implement Ann's teachings, they are concise and make sense-consistency while caretaking and homeschooling all day is my bigger issue.  

I am forever grateful that I found Ann.  I can already see improvements in myself and my son and I know that if i can stick with them, things will get exponentially better.  I was really in shock to learn that Ann offers her time and teaching for free.  The effort she puts into this is amazing, a true reflection of her genuine kindness.  I wish there were many more Ann's in the world! 
Jessica S., Menlo Park, CA 

I believe the most important thing to understand about working with Ann is her desire to help her clients fully grasp the Buteyko techniques and concepts.  Ann’s clear explanations and attention to detail is a big part of why my morning Control Pause increased from 18 to 32 over the course of 5 months.  It has been a slow progression for me but the results have been life changing.  My stress has dropped significanlty which is a major reason I committed to Buteyko.  The techniques also helped to reduce my asthmatic symptoms.  My wheezing around my dog has reduced quite a bit and I do not use my inhalers as much as I used to.  This is probably what I am most grateful for because I have been in and out of the hospital about 4 times over the past 6 years due to my asthma.  Also, 7 months prior to meeting Ann, I smoked cigarettes but really just socially and over a few drinks with friends.  I was able to stop smoking without the technique, but the urge continued to rise.  I have not once had the urge to smoke after practicing Buteyko.  There are many stress management approaches that exist but in my opinion breathwork is the key and Buteyko certainly works if one takes the time to practice (like anything of course).  One can practice Buteyko almost anywhere and at almost any time so convenience is no obstacle.  It is also a very non aggressive approach and simple as soon as you get the hang of it which shouldn’t take too long.  I am truly grateful to Ann, and my mother now wants to learn from her as well.  I highly recommend anyone to begin learning from Ann, plus it's free!!!
Marcus P., Pleasanton, CA


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